Machine Learning Meme Collection

An increasingly necessary component of being engaged on ML Twitter

If you’ve been paying attention to the Machine Learning community, you’ve probably noticed

In addition, you may have also noticed the increasing frequency with which researchers and engineers post custom machine learning memes. We could wax pseudointellectual all day about the merits of this as a signalling and/or countersignalling method all day, but I have a better idea. Here is a collection (inspired by Eric Jang’s collection) of Machine learning memes you are free to use on your own posts. These are some of my favorites.


GANs in a nutshell
GANs in a nutshell
See my post on network pruning
See my post on network pruning
it's a far cry from
it's a far cry from "import agi"
Not that kind of dropout
Not that kind of dropout
The never-ending schism between my CPU and GPU
With the Turing Test, it’s important to ask who the other human is
The other day I was really freaked out that a computer could generate faces of people who DON’T REALLY EXIST, only to later realize painters have been doing this for several millenia.

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