New Website

And what I'm looking to do with this one.

As you have probably observed, this site underwent an enormous change. It has gone from resembling a slideshow of past projects, to a much less cluttered setup. There is also a much more prominent blog on this site. There are a few reasons for this change:

  • I want to be a better writer, and having a centralized blog like this sounds like a good way to get more feedback.
  • I didn’t like the old, and I had felt like it could use a redesign for a long time
  • I recently finished the work I was doing with Google, started a new job, and I wanted a new challenge for nights and weekends.
  • I wanted to get better at managing and analyzing web traffic outside of work.
  • I want to get better at optimizing what to write about.
  • I had new ideas for how to customize my site, but it was hard to do with the old stack.
  • To track my progress as a writer and a researcher, I wanted to set up a condensed log of what I’ve written and worked on (yes, even the projects and pieces I’m less than proud of).

You may also see that many of my past posts, from sites such as medium and tumblr, are now on this site (my medium still exists but tumblr has been deleted). I wanted to make sure that my posts’ fates would not be tied to a single platform (as it was with Tumblr Links to the original medium posts are still available on the site). I’m still in the process of digging up old posts of mine and adding them.

Thanks to Preethi Victor Zhou, Preethi Kasireddy, and Ferenc Huszár for inspiration on the new site design.

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