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While posts in my Blog section are all written by me, posts in this section were written by either:

  • Co-Authors, who helped me write the post, or
  • Guest Authors, who wrote the post independently.

I still personally review and edit every guest post I publish! If you're interested in guesting posting or co-authoring a post with me, feel free to get in touch.

Style Transfer with Binarized Neural Networks

Co-Authored by Vinay Prabhu

Neural Style Transfer with binary 0s and 1s instead of floating points in your ImageNet model


Structural Similarity in Neural Style Transfer

Co-Authored by Vinay Prabhu

Bringing back an ancient computer vision technique to effortlessly improve style transfer results


An introduction to probabilistic programming, now available in TensorFlow Probability

Machine Learning

Co-Authored by Arun Subramaniyan

Announcement for the work I did with the TFP Team at Google