Dealing with Coronavirus

I figured that with all the posts I’m writing on coronavirus (as well as a few from the past that turned out to be unexpectedly relevant), I figured I’d start compiling them in one place. But first, here’s a lovely infographic detailing the spread of the disease.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

The continually-updating graphic above was made by Our World in Data, and was added as a potential contrast to the posts and articles below which will inevitably be seen as products of their publishing date. My goal with writing each of these (aside from the one that was obviously written years before all this mess) was to be as helpful as possible in the moment.

As time goes on, some content may seem increasingly out of date, or possibly even contradictory to future discoveries that prove more useful. In such cases, I will add ”UPDATE” notes and addendums to these articles while trying to preserve the original information. The reason for this is to maximize the posts’ usefulness as a sort of time-capsule/historical document. After all, newspaper articles during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic often did not know whether the pathogen was caused by a bacterium or a virus. From a biochemistry standpoint such writings would have been useless, but from an epidemiological and historical standpoint they help in piecing together why the situation played out the way it did. With that in mind, I’m hopeful that at least any information that’s proven wrong will at least be of some interest to some internet historian (y’know, once they’ve exhausted the materials from doctors, front-line healthcare workers, policymakers, and everyone else more relevant from a historical standpoint).

Here we go:

Original Position Fallacy

1. Original Position Fallacy

The opposite of the golden rule, and why it's relevant now

Why you should care about COVID-19, even if you're a healthy young person

2. Why you should care about COVID-19, even if you're a healthy young person

Dying from BASE Jumping is statistically less likely than dying from COVID-19 as a young person

Nitpicking the movie 'Contagion'

3. Nitpicking the movie 'Contagion'

Finally, a (mostly) realistic pandemic disaster movie

Excess COVID-19 Deaths

4. Excess COVID-19 Deaths

Have 200K+ Americans really died from COVID?

Yes, the last post is from years before the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, it’s been getting a lot more traffic recently, and it is a lot more relevant now (even though my prediction for the next pandemic was dead wrong).

Okay, I just went through these. Give me MORE!

Still looking for more resources on coronavirus and how to combat it? Here are some recommended links:

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Thanks for reading!

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